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  Ready to pay the nursing home $10,000/month?                                                                                                         You need Medicaid Planning !!                                                                                              


  •     No kidding. Medicare does not pay for nursing home costs.


  Ready to give away your entire life savings to the nursing home? Has the nursing home asked you to turn over your house to them ?         

                                                                                                      You need Medicaid Planning !!        



  •      At $10,000/month, how long will your house pay for nursing home costs? Do you have to give the nursing home your house?


                   You need Medicaid Planning !!


  Ready to tell your kids you have nothing to leave    to them and nothing four your grandkids?                                                                                                     

                  You need Medicaid Planning !!                                                                                              

  How can you preserve your assets so that you don't leave your spouise impoverished and your family disinherited?


                  You need Medicaid Planning !!



    Dr. Tar has personal knowledge on the strengths and weaknesses of the regional nursing homes. No other attorney can give you this guidance.  He can guide you through legal Medicaid Planning techniques that are little know.


    Do not make the mistake of having a non-attorney trick you into thinking they can engage in Medicaid Planning. Do not fall for the trick when such non-attorneys they say they have their own attorneys they work with. You want an Elder Law Attorney to work for you. Ask whether the attorney is Board Certified. If not, run the other way.


*        WILLS & TRUSTS




 We provide different prices for creation of advanced directive documents such as wills.






        Some folks want the absolute lowest price for wills, durable power of attorneys, living wills, health care surrogate documents. They want documents that are legally sound, created quickly, and done inexpensively. They don't want to pay a lot of money for legal time. They arleady know exactly what they want and they do not want advise regarding estate planning issues. They want a simple will such as "...everything I have goes to my wife and kids." Their assets are not in the millions and husband and wife may want simple mirror image wills. Similarly, they know what powers they want to transfer through a durable power of attorney, and they have thought about end of life issues relating to their living will and health care surrogate matters. We will work with these folks to meet their needs at the cheapest fee rates possible. This is our flat rate document creation service. This is our SILVER/ECONOMY SERVICE.


        Some folks have more complicated situations and issues that require more guidance and advice from an Elder Law attorney. They are not sure what the best way to use a will v. a trust may be. They need guidance with end of like matters relating to the creation of living wills, health care surrogate assignment, and durable power of attorney power transfer. Their plans for distribution of estate assets are not too complicated but will require several meetings with the attorney to make sure everything is just right. We will work with these persons to meet their goal. This is our GOLD SERVICE. Fees for these services are higher than for the SILVER/ECONOMY SERVICE because more attorney time will be required.


        Some folks have complicated estates. The value of their estate is in the millions and they have complicated will provisions that must be tailored to their specific needs. They will need a complete assessment of their estate, with itemization of all of its components, and consideration of advanced disposition techniques including the use of living trusts, irrevocable trusts, or special needs trusts. This is our PLATINUM/CONCIERGE SERVICE. This type of service will require a lot of legal time and is the most expensive and comprehensive service we provide. This service will likely require multiple revisions of key documents and multiple meetings with the client.


        So, which service is for you?

A Physician practicing Elder Law
            --how does that work?
         Some of you know Dr. Tar as a rheumatologist, an arthritis doctor, who has practiced geriatric medicine for the past 30 years. Have you every gone to your primary care doctor to discuss end of life matters? If you have, you know the discussion was very short and there was a lot of silence. Primary care doctors don't have the time to discuss advanced directives and how they apply to you. You need Physician-Elder Law Attorney.  
         Have your ever tried to talk to an attorney about your medical conditions, your prognosis, how your choice of medications will impact your medical status and how long you are likely to live? If you have, the conversation was likewise short, filled with silence, and you could tell immediately you were wasting your time. So, now you know. You need Physician-Elder Law Attorney.
           Leslie Tar is a physician and Elder Law attorney who has reached across the disciplines of law and medicine to address these matters as naturally as a bilingual person can switch from one language to another.  So, for Dr. Tar and you, that's how it works.


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 Leslie Tar, Esq, LLC

 Leslie Tar, MD, MPH, Esq, LLM

 Port Charlotte Office
 22226 Westchester Blvd

 Port Charlotte, Fl 33952





 Medicaid Planning

      --to protect your assets from the high cost of nursing homes.






Providing Elder Law services to Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Ft. Myers, Englewood, Venice, Boca Grande, Placida, North Port, Arcadia and throughout Florida

Areas of Practice

Wills and Estates

Trust Creation


Medicaid Planning

for Nursing Home affordability​

Durable Power of Attorney

Living Wills

Health Care Surrogate Assignment

We will beat any price
of any local attorney's written quote for creation of:
  • simple will,
  • durable power of attorney
  • living wills
  • Health Care Surrogate Assignment
  • living trust

We will beat the price of any local attorney in providing you services under our Silver/Economy items. You provide us with a written quote for creation of a simple will, durable power of attorney, living will, health care surrogate, living will, or any combination of these and we will beat that price. We are so sure that we will provide you the best service at economy pricing that we can make this statement. No one else in the local market can compete with us. 

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